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  1.      共通課程(common courses)

l  共同必修課程(required common courses):十學分(10 courses)

l  通識選修課程(general education courses):十八學分(18 courses)


2.      專門課程(specialized courses):一百學分以上(above 100 courses)


3.      各學系規劃之專門課程至少應開放二十學分讓學生自由選擇,繼續修習本系、外系或他校之專門課程、專長增能學程課程、學程課程或師資培育課程。(Every Department should open at least 20 credits for students to choose freely, allow them free to choose to continue to attend the department, other departments or schools of specialized courses, expertise empowerment program courses, program courses or teacher training courses.)


4.      學分(含通識、輔系)下限與上限The lower and upper Credits limit (including liberal studies& minor)

²  學分下限 (the lower limit)

l  大一至大三:每學期至少修課16 學分

(Freshman to junior year): at least 16 credits per semester 

l  大四:每學期至少修學分為原則。

(Senior year): at least 9 credits per semester


²  學分上限 (the upper limit)

l  大一至大四,每學期修課不超過廿五學分為原則;修習輔系及選讀兩類教育學程的同學,學分上限為30 學分(Freshmen to senior year): not more than 25 credits as a principle; (Double or minor major students): not more than 30 credits.

l  研究生:由各系所規定。(For masters degree students): decide by the department.


5.      For more course information of every department, please see the attached files.