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Department of Digital Content and Technology (BA/MA)


  The Graduate Institute of Digital Content and Technology was established in 2004, and the undergraduate program was established in the following year. The undergraduate and graduate programs were merged into one administrative unit in 2006. The d epartment was established to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and problem-solving skills required for a fulfilling career in the field of digital content. The other goal is to create and disseminate knowledge to improve digital content education, research and practice. The d epartment also provides in-service training for the personnel in related fields. The entire curriculum is divided into three clusters in technology, arts and humanities, and is design ed to equip students with the ability of analysis, design, development, evaluation, and integration (ADDEI) . The department currently has 7 faculty members , including 2 associate professors and , 5 assistant professors . 6 of them are doctors. The department was continuously subsidized by the Ministry of Education on the 「special talent development program in the important field – focusing on digital self-learning system.」