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  Department of Computer Science was established in 2004 as the first non-teacher training program of NTCU . The development feature is in accordance with the trend of the "Digital Taiwan Project" to cultivate professionals in the areas of computer software, hardware, and network communication. T he d epartment which established a master's program in 2007 is accredited by Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan in 200 6 , and will continue to upgrade the experimental facilities , design career development courses for students , and plan a doctoral program . In addition, the d epartment aims to integrate the latest development s in industry and government to enhance students' competitiveness. All faculty members in this d epartment have doctoral degrees in Information Science related fields. The curriculum is designed to meet the anticipated needs in the information technology. The curriculum covers three areas: network communication and security, software engineering, and embedded systems. The d epartment also aggressively cooperated with many industries. Through the process of conducting the case studies, students will be equipped with sufficient skills to pursue careers in industry, government or academia. Possible career opportunities for students include studying in domestic or overseas graduate institutes or working in industry or research institutes in the field of information science. Currently, there are 9 faculty members, including 1 professor , 4 associate professor s , and 4 assistant professors. All of them have doctoral degrees. The d epartment will ceaselessly recruit excellent Ph.D. experts all over the world to join the faculty.