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Department of Science Application Dissemination (BA/MA)

  The Department of Natural Science Education was established in 1998. In line with the school transformation, the name was changed to the Department of Science Application and Dissemination in 2006. It is the only science media-oriented department among Taiwan . The d epartment features public science education, explanatory tours and design of s cience m useum s , writing of science articles for general public, design of scientific toys (events) , research in fundamental and applied sciences, as well as training prospective science teachers for elementary schools . The d epartment also has a master's program to provide students with more career choices in the future. The d epartment has the highest number of projects on campus which received funding from the National Science Council. There are many active and various kinds of activities held by the Department Association helping students learn and be more mature. Currently, there are 11 faculty members in the d epartment, including 5 professors, 1 associate professor, 4 assistant professors, and 1 instructor . 10 of the faculty members have doctoral degrees.