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Department of Mathematics Education (BA/MA)


  The Department of Mathematics Education was established in 1998. The purpose of the department was to produce well prepared prospective teachers with specialized knowledge and skills in curriculum development and mathematics teaching for elementary schools. Since 2005, in line with the school transformation and the trend of mathematics education, the new mission of this department has been embedding technology into mathematics teaching to meet the international standards of students' mathematics education. The department attentive program allows students to become well equipped mathematics teachers, with practical skills to work in a classroom. The systematic study-group program in the department allows students to pursue their graduate degree. In addition, the department cooperates with education-related industries, in order to have better awareness of the world tendency. Currently, there are 9 full-time dedicated faculty members, which include 1 professor, 6 associate professors, and 2 assistant professors. 8 of the faculty members have doctoral degrees. Not only the faculty of this department has had great contribution in mathematics teaching, test and statistics theories, but also their precise and effective work has well developed students.