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photoPresident Yang Szu-Wei is the sixty-third alumnus and served as an elementary school teacher in Taipei and Taichung after graduating from NTCU. There were seven years of Mr. Yang studying abroad by Japan governmental scholarship in 1983. He was trained so severely in the top ten school-Tokyo University that equipped with an industrious and earnest discipline. After a grant from an educational doctor degree of Japan Tokyo University in 1990, Mr. Yang habilitated at the Department of Education, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). Researched on foreign education system, developing current, curriculum modification and higher education for years, he led a wave of academy and issued many books especially in teacher training, academy glorifying, secondary education reforming, curriculum modifying, and compulsory education planning. As a result, he is the high priest in studying Japanese education as well as the comparative education and is well-known in Asia academia. For his academic achievement and fame, Dr. Yang was elected the chief secretary of Taiwan Comparative Education Society, a member in Taiwan Association of Curriculum and Instruction, the chief secretary of Taiwan Teacher Training Association, and a member of Taiwan Education Association. Till now, he is a member of Taiwan Comparative Education Society and Taiwan Teacher Training Association to promote academic research domestically.

Entrusted by Taiwan Ministry of Education in 2004, Mr. Yang, Mr. Wu Wu-Tien, the former dean from College of Education in NTNU, and Mr. Chou Yu-Wen, the former chairman from Department of Education in NTNU, sketched out “ The Proposal for Teacher Training Policy ” as a reference of future teacher training policy. For this reason, he is well-acquainted with the world trend of teacher training and domestic policy. Since mid 1990, with close attention to academic marketization in Europe, America , and Japan , he researched for National Science Council and published the monograph about the incorporated universities near Japan , the integrated universities, and university evaluation. From the comparative educational viewpoints, Mr. Yang's advice helps develop Taiwan higher education as well. After mid 1990s, he has attended ceaselessly the meeting of secondary education reformation, the system planning of Comprehensive High Schools, the project of Community Senior and Vocational High Schools and made the later secondary education a superior. Moreover, he addressed “ Twelve-Year Taiwan Education Proposal ” in National Science Education Conference and the later Taiwan secondary education has been well-affected to be obligated. With highly respected, Mr. Yang has devoted himself to the Taiwan education

Reference: All the above was excerpted from the recommendation for NTCU president candidate by Professor Wu Ching-Chi and other ninety-six nominators in Jan 6th, 2006.

President's words

photoNowadays, Taiwan higher education has gone to the stage of “universal access,” and there are 50% youngsters taking the academic education. It is not like before the situation of no easy entering the academic school and has turned out that “students” can make the choice. In the “buyer's market,” it is necessary for a superior university to have long history, grand view plan, elegant learning environment, specialized professors, and excellent graduates. NTCU was established in the period of Japanese rule and has been through three transmutations on its long history. However, the teacher tradition of caring students and hard teaching has remained the same and the campus with continuous improvement has become the classical location in downtown. The graduates performed outstandingly in every category and well-respectfully in the society. Although the school has faced up the shortage of teacher need after modifying to be a university, the career for future students will be widely expanded for taking the challenges as a turning point. Except the mission of developing advance teacher training students, the school will devote itself to expand the non-teacher training subjects, and develop future students with NTCU features- correct life belief, professional abilities, interlanguages, and energetic living attitude.

In the twenty-first globalizing century, NTCU will devote to renewing school affairs, upgrading the administration effects, approaching the high quality teaching, and enforcing functional equipments so as to be a tremendous professional university. The school has strong educational faith and all the faculty are heading together toward it- the top in the region, the head in Taiwan and a distinguished liberal arts university in the nations.

Welcome to our high quality university filled with educational faith, dreams, warm and classical atmosphere.

Academic Background of President

  • - National Tokyo University , Japan , Pedagogy Ph.D
  • - National Taiwan Normal University , full-time professor in Department of Education
  • - National Taiwan Normal University , chief of Center for Educational Research
  • - National Taiwan Normal University , chief of Division of Continuing and Extension Education
  • - Chief secretary of Taiwan Comparative Education Society
  • - Chief secretary of Taiwan Teacher Training Association
  • - Member of Taiwan Education Association
  • - President of National Taichung University of Education alumnus council

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